an exhibition made of sheets

4,789 km of House Museums
Fondazione Pini
an elegant cultural foundation

A journey through twenty italian house–museums.

Italy, from North to South, also tells its story through house-museums, places that bear witness to different localities, histories, personalities, landscapes.

The exhibition encourages us to take a trip where the stops are houses, villas, apartments, palaces that have hosted collectors, artists, writers, travelers who fell in love with Italy, families that lived in the same rooms for generations, people who simply left traces of their lives in the interiors.

Places of Condensation of cultural landscapes (the qualities and ways of living become narrators of societies, territories, changes), the Italian house-museums have set off on a shared path to outline new itineraries of discovery and knowledge. 

—Rosanna Pavoni
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Visitors to the exhibition
Visitors to the exhibition